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harami harami harami khosa XI
Points: 3694
Manager: shafique
City: Kandhkot
Points: 3692
Manager: muhammad raza
City: Lahore
SAY(Samit) (Ali) (Yaamin)
Points: 3691
Manager: RAAJ
City: Karachi
Eleven Fighter
Points: 3668
Manager: Faheem
City: Karachi
Points: 3629
Manager: shialla Aziz
City: Karachi
Pakistan Tigers
Points: 3602
Manager: Atif Shabir
City: Lahore
Ali Rehmans X1
Points: 3583
Manager: Ali Rehman
City: Karachi
Army Eleven
Points: 3581
Manager: Sumair
City: Karachi
Shahi sports
Points: 3580
Manager: sadiq khan
City: Karachi
tuk tuk eleven
Points: 3550
Manager: abdul nabi
City: Larkana
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This topic is particularly added to know your Views, Questions & Confusions about Dream Team, here you can share that, How do you like the Dream Team Competition, How can we improve Dream Team or ask any Question Regarding Hamariweb Dream team....
Admin, Karachi Monday, March 18 2013

I am on 5th position in PSL competition. i did not received e-mail from you nor I get free shopping voucher

shialla aziz
shialla Aziz, KarachiMonday, March 20 2017

Aslaam o alikum Admin I also have not received an email from your side. plz send me.
abdul nabi, LarkanaSunday, March 19 2017

Good evening . admin I also have not received an email from your side . kindly send me . thank you .
muhammad raza, LahoreFriday, March 17 2017

Admin I haven't recieved the email yet let me know what to do
RAAJ , KarachiFriday, March 17 2017

Dear Admin.

Mujhay abhi tak ap ki email nahin mili for Rs.1000 Shoprex Voucher
Sumair, KarachiThursday, March 16 2017

hy admin are you going to open this contest for the Pakistan west indies tour?
hafiz zubair, LahoreThursday, March 16 2017

NARINE's points updated? Still not!
Sam, KarachiSunday, March 12 2017

Admin that's scorecard of asghar .
He took 8 wickets (3,3,1,1)
He made one run out (mccullum on direct throw )
He took 3 catches ( Peterson , rossuow , and sunil narine )
The sum is 160+10+30=200 but in record its 180 . if u add 20 extra points in my record then my score is 3692 (right now 3672) which will be 1 more run then the guy on no2 spot . just because of these 20 points , I m standing at no 3 and in actual I m at no 2 . hope to see a positive reply and thank you for this wonderful contest .
muhammad raza, LahoreSunday, March 05 2017

Against Lahore Qalandars vs Peshawar Zalmi match , asghar took one catch and one run out of maccullum and these 20 points have not added in my account . here my score is 3672 and I am on 3rd . kindly add asghar,s pending points as soon as possible . thank you
muhammad raza, LahoreSunday, March 05 2017

Alhamdulillah bohat martaba participate karne k baad akhir aj PSL II Ki end main 10th number pay aa he gaya main
abdul nabi, LarkanaSunday, March 05 2017

U just added 10 points of asghar what about the remaining 20 ? His 30 points were in pending . kindly add his remaining points . the way scoreboard was not working and all of sudden new names appeared has already raised questions on your team . wish its not scripted .
muhammad raza, LahoreSaturday, March 04 2017

ایڈمن بھائی کیا بات ہے سکور اپ گریڈ نہیں ہورہے ؟ اگر پہلی بار میرا این موبائل حاصل کرنے کا بن رہا ہے تو سکور ہی دکھا دو ۔ ٹیم کیپٹن کے سکور ہمیشہ ڈبل ہونے چاہئیں ۔ ہر چھکے پر بھی چھ کی بجائے بارہ سکور مذکورہ کھلاڑی کو ملنا چاہئے ۔ ایڈمن بھائی ان تجاویز پر عمل کرنے سے عوام کی دلچسپی بڑھے گی اور دو ہزار کی بجائے چار ہزار لوگ گیم میں حصہ لیں گے ۔
Dr.Afzaal Malik, RawalpindiFriday, March 03 2017

Admin sir points table kam nahi kar raha hai kindly update points so we can do changes.
sai, HanguFriday, March 03 2017

Admin, Points table is still not working
Iqbal Malik, RawalpindiFriday, March 03 2017

admin points table is still not working
hafiz zubair, LahoreFriday, March 03 2017

update kamran akmal score as soon as possible the table point is not clicking and not working.
sai, HanguFriday, March 03 2017

hafiz zubair, LahoreFriday, March 03 2017

8 overs ended and points table is silent . hope to see its working as soon as possible . add Muhammad asghar , s 30 points too . thank you .
muhammad raza, LahoreFriday, March 03 2017

hello admin
are u sleeping?
points are not adding
may i know why?
hafiz zubair, LahoreFriday, March 03 2017

points of today's match are not adding. why?
hafiz zubair, LahoreFriday, March 03 2017

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